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Hardware requirements

  • non AVX AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Gh+
  • Recommended: AVX,AVX2/FMA3 compatible AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+, HT off

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I'm traffic engineer. My job is programming of traffic controllers. Member of Czech National Team.


validator changes (done)
Later today I will do some changes on the validators. There is one fix and another change to mark some results invalid due OC issues. 24 Sep 2016, 9:59:36 UTC · Comment

another R430 Megaprime
On 04th of August, Odicin, a member of the team BOINC Confederation has found a megaprime 39653*430^460397-1 for base R430. The prime has 1.212.446 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. There are now 13k left.

Well done!
18 Sep 2016, 9:47:36 UTC · Comment

base R72 proven
On 30th of August, Ralfy, a member of the BOINC Confederation found the last prime for base R72.
The prime 4*72^1119849-1 has 2079933 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. This is the largest prime ever found by SRBase and the 2nd largest prime for the Mersenne CRUS project.

Well done!
17 Sep 2016, 16:59:41 UTC · Comment

Project update2
I have added 2 more apps for the long subproject to compensate available work. The credits for them also counting for the long badge. Iam still testing the daemons. After that new work is available. 20 Aug 2016, 8:27:58 UTC · Comment

new badges online
I have reworked some of the older badges and there are now 2 new badges for Bases solved and Megaprimes found. You can find them in the FAQ. Good luck to everyone to collect them in the future!

Short notice:
There could be a short downtime to install some updates. After that I will work on the url change and do some tests. If you have still WUs in progress be hurry to send them back or cancel all.
13 Aug 2016, 13:18:53 UTC · Comment

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